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False alert "Storage shelf is not connected to both controllers of the HA pair"

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Applies to

  • ONTAP 9.5 and earlier
  • Nodes mentioned are properly cabled to the shelf and is accessible without any issue
  • No other activities done during alert timing


  • Cluster triggers the alert:
::> alert show 
      (system health alert show)
                   Node: node_name_03
               Resource: Shelf 3.0
               Severity: Major
        Indication Time: Fri Oct 16 17:01:21 2020
               Suppress: false
            Acknowledge: false
         Probable Cause: Storage shelf 3.0 is not connected to both controllers
                         of the HA pair (node_name-01, node_name-02).
        Possible Effect: Access to shelf 3.0 will be lost with a single
                         controller failure.
     Corrective Actions: 1. Halt all controllers that are connected to shelf 3.0.
                         2. Connect shelf 3.0 to both HA controllers following the guide applicable to your shelf.
                         3. Reboot the halted controllers.
  • The cluster triggers the following alert:
    HA Group Notification from XXXXXX(Health Monitor process schm: DualControllerHa_Alert[XXXXXX]) ALERT
  • The following output can be confirmed from the EMS log.
    [?] Sun Oct 11 00:00:44 JST [XXXXXX: spmd: spm.mgwd.process.exit:EMERGENCY]: Management Gateway (mgwd) subsystem with ID 87957 exited as a result of signal signal 11. The subsystem will attempt to restart.

    [?] Sun Oct 11 00:11:36 JST [XXXXXX: mgwd:]: Call home for Health Monitor process schm: DualControllerHa_Alert[XXXXXX].



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