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Failure of Upload of Backup Archive

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Applies to

  • Clustered Data ONTAP 8.x
  • ONTAP 9.x


The feature described in this article provides the capability to backup and restore the configuration information. This feature depends on a number of other modules.

  1. It saves the generated backup files on the root volumes.
  2. It relies on cluster jobs to create cluster backup archives.
  3. It uses an FR service to copy the backup archives among the nodes in the cluster.
  4. It creates root volume snapshots when creating backup archives.

If any of these dependent modules fail, this feature will fail its functionality.

How to determine the cause of the failure:

  • The following EMS message is generated: mgmtgwd.configbr.uploadFailed
  • Message Type - Failure to upload a backup file to a remote URL.
  • This message occurs when the configuration backup cannot be uploaded to the destination URL.
  • Source - filer
  • Sample Message - Configuration backup file %s cannot be uploaded to the destination URL %s. Error: '%s'.
  • Corrective Action: See the Resolution below


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