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FAQ: Licensing updates in Data ONTAP 9.2

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Q: Do I still need to install a Cluster Base Key in Data ONTAP 9.2?

A: A Cluster Base License Key (aka Cluster Base Key) is no longer required to invoke the Create Cluster command in Data ONTAP 9.2. Installing a Cluster Base Key is optional starting in Data ONTAP 9.2. If this license key is not provided, a default Cluster Base Key will be installed during the cluster create process with a Cluster Serial Number of 180000011. If you require different (e.g., unique) Cluster Serial Numbers for your operational requirements, you may still install a Cluster Base License Key provided with any purchase of a FAS/AFF platform.

Q: Why do System Manager and ONTAP UI elements show the Cluster Base Key as “(DEPRECATED)-” when using Data ONTAP 9.2?

A: The inclusion of “(DEPRECATED)-” related to the Cluster Base Key in the System Manager and ONTAP user interfaces indicates that the UI elements may be removed in a future version of ONTAP (i.e., that feature may disappear completely). The license key is no longer required in Data ONTAP 9.2, and this message has no negative impact on the operation of ONTAP or System Manager. 

Q: How is the Fabric Pool feature introduced in Data ONTAP 9.2 licensed?

A: The Fabric Pool feature is licensed using a NetApp License File (NLF) that must be locked to the Cluster UUID for the Data ONTAP 9.2 cluster where it will be used. Specific details about Fabric Pool licensing can be found in article ONTAP FabricPool (FP) Licensing Overview.

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