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Enabling/Disabling Auto Giveback

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Applies to

ONTAP 8.x, 9.x 


  • The Auto Giveback feature allows a giveback to be done once both nodes are in a steady for giveback to proceed. After autogiveback is done the HA pair controllers return to an active-active HA state.
  • Auto Giveback can be found to be disabled in some cases, typically during Hardware replacements. 
  • Check the status of autogiveback set in the nodes with the command:- 

::> storage failover show -fields auto-giveback
node           auto-giveback
-------------- -------------
node-01 true
node-02 true
2 entries were displayed.

  • The node stays in the takeover state before performing an automatic giveback for a  minimum of 600 seconds.
    • This delay reduces the outage that can occur while the taken-over partner reboots. 
    • This is required for the controller to be stable enough before the auto giveback is done. 

Enabling Auto Give back: 

  • Before enabling auto give back, check that nodes in the cluster are all online, healthy and in eligible state with the commands:- 

        ::> node show
    ::>  storage failover show 

        To enable auto give back 

 ::> storage failover modify -node <node-name> -auto-giveback true 

  • The field "-auto-giveback-after-panic" , If true then an automatic giveback operation is invoked when the failover node of an HA pair is repaired and rebooted. The takeover node of the HA pair detects this and initiates a giveback operation automatically.

Additional Information

Refer "storage failover modify" command options 


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