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Does the nodeshell option snapmirror.enable have any effect in clustered Data ONTAP?

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No, The nodeshell option snapmirror.enable has no effect in any and all versions of clustered Data ONTAP.  Customers can run the command on the destination cluster which does execute.  This confuses a customer as it appears to disable all snapmirror relationships.  However, it does not have any impact on snapmirrors and should be avoided.  There is no method to simply stop all mirrors.

sj_93cluster01::> run local options snapmirror.enable
snapmirror.enable            off


The recommendation is to keep this option default ( disabled ) in Clustered Data ONTAP. 
In clustered Data ONTAP, the snapmirror operations are controlled by cluster shell commands 'snapmirror' and not controlled by the nodeshell 'snapmirror.enable' option. 
So disabling or enabling this option has no meaning in clustered Data ONTAP.

Additional Information

Additionally, if you are planning to upgrade your system to ONTAP 9.3, ensure the nodeshell option 'snapmirror.enable' is disabled to prevent the possible effects of BUG 1125366.

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