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Do space utilization considerations for ONTAP upgrade apply to root aggregates?

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Applies to

  • ONTAP 9
  • ONTAP Upgrade
  • Root Aggregate space utilization


Before upgrading ONTAP, you must verify that any deduplicated volumes and the aggregates that contain them have sufficient free space for the deduplication metadata.
  • Each deduplicated volume must contain at least 4% free space ( < 96% used space)
  • Each aggregate that contains a deduplicated volume must contain at least 3% free space ( < 97% used space)
If there is insufficient free space, deduplication will be disabled when the ONTAP upgrade is completed. 
The space consideration apply to deduplicated volumes/aggregates only. The root volume and aggregate should not contain any user data and do not have deduplication enabled.
The root aggregate is created with 95% utilization by design, as it contains the root volume (vol0), that has space guarantees enabled (thick provisioned).
Root aggregate with 95-99% utilization should not prevent a successful upgrade nor cause the deduplication to be disabled.

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