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Disk disappears in Windows Server post reboot

Applies to

Windows Server 2008 and above

Windows Software iSCSI Initiator

ONTAP 7-Mode


  • Disks from the Windows Disk Management disappears whenever the server is rebooted. 
  • From storage, the LUNs related to missing disks are showing online and mapped.
  • Affected host is showing as "logged in"  in storage CLI with igroup show -v command.
  • iSCSI session(s) is/are part of "Favorite Targets" in "iSCSI Initiator Properties".
  • Status of target IQN under "Discovered targets" shows "Connected" in "iSCSI Initiator Properties" during the issue time.
  • The domain name to which affected server belongs and domain name of host IQN in "Initiator Name" under "iSCSI Initiator Properties" shows different.



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