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Compaction scanner cannot be stopped with "volume efficiency stop" command

Last Updated:

Applies to

  • ONTAP 9
  • Storage efficiency


After starting manual efficiency scan, compaction will continue to run even if the efficiency operation in progress is stopped:

cluster::*> volume efficiency start -vserver vserver1 -volume -compression true -compaction true -dedupe true -shared-blocks true -snapshot-blocks true -scan-old-data true

cluster::*> volume efficiency stop -vserver vserver1 -volume vol1
The efficiency operation for volume "vol1" of Vserver "vserver1" is being stopped.

cluster::*> volume efficiency show -progress !idle* -state enabled
There are no entries matching your query.

Trying to restart efficiency shortly after it has been stopped will result in an error:

cluster::*> volume efficiency start -vserver vserver1 -volume vol1 -scan-old-data true -compression true -compaction true -dedupe true -shared-blocks true -snapshot-blocks true

Warning: This operation scans all of the data in volume "vol1" of Vserver "vserver1". It may take a significant time, and may degrade performance during that time.
Use of -shared-blocks|-a option can increase space usage as shared blocks will be compressed.
Use of -snapshot-blocks|-b option can increase space usage as data which is part of snapshot will be compressed.
Do you want to continue? {y|n}: y

Error: command failed: Failed to start efficiency on volume "vol1" of Vserver "vserver1": Volume compact scan is already in


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