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Clone Split is not progressing with no job ID

Last Updated:

Applies to

  • ONTAP 9.11.0
  • Volume Clone Split


  • Clone split is not showing any progress.

Cluster::*> volume clone split show -instance

       Vserver Name: svm1
   FlexClone volume: clone_volume
Percentage Complete: 0
     Blocks Scanned: 0
     Blocks Updated: 0

  • Cannot stop the clone split due to Operation is not in progress.

Cluster::*> vol clone split stop -vserver svm1 -flexclone clone_volume

Error: command failed: Unable to stop clone split on volume "clone_volume" of Vserver "svm1". Reason: Operation is not in progress.


  • No jobs listed for the clone split

Cluster::*> job show -id 100957

There are no entries matching your query.

Cluster::*> job history show -id 100957
There are no entries matching your query.


  • Cannot volume move the clone due to a clone split in progress.

Cluster::*> volume move start -vserver svm1 -volume clone_volume -destination-aggregate aggr2

Error: command failed: Cannot move volume "clone_volume" in Vserver "svm1". Reason: The volume is undergoing a FlexClone split operation. Use the "volume clone split show" command to monitor the split operation for completion, or use the "volume clone split stop" command to stop the split operation.



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