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Can a FlexArray back-end LUN that is used in an aggregate be replaced with another?

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Applies to

  • NetApp FAS/AFF
  • FlexArray back-end


  • A FlexArray back-end array LUN that is used in an aggregate cannot be replaced with another LUN
  • Normally, the command storage disk replace can be used to replace a disk used in an aggregate with another
  • Redundant data is used to rebuild the source disk's data onto a spare disk
  • The newly built disk takes the place of the source disk in the aggregate
  • The source disk beciomes a spare
  • However, with FlexArray back-end LUNs, aggregates are typically in a RAID-0 configuration
  • Redundancy is not used on the NetApp side because the back-end array already takes care of redundancy for data protection
  • Since there is no redundancy in the aggregate, the command storage disk replace cannot work
  • If LUNs in an aggregate need to be replaced, a more roundabout way is recommended
  • Create a new aggregate
  • Use vol move to move all volumes from the source aggregate to the new aggregate
  • Destroy the source aggregate

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