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Can I expand or increase the capacity of a FlexGroup?

Last Updated:

Applies to

  • ONTAP 9
  • FlexGroup Volume
  • Space Accounting


Yes, You can increase the size of a FlexGroup volume either by adding more capacity to existing constituents or by adding new constituents.

Note: Before using either method below ensure that aggregates have sufficient space for new or larger constituents
Adding capacity to existing FlexGroup constituents:
  • This increases the overall capacity of all constituents
  • Keep in mind that the amount of capacity you add will be divided accross all constituents:


volume modify -vserver vserver_name -volume fg_name -size new_size  <----New total capacity

Increasing capacity by adding additional constituents:
Note: Newly added constituents will be empty which can throw off data ingestion due to unbalanced constituents.
  • Generally only do this in the following situation:
    • New nodes have been added to the cluster.
    • New aggregates have been created on the existing nodes.
    • The existing constituents have reached the maximum FlexVol size for the hardware, and therefore cannot be resized.
    • You need to increase the overall performance of the FlexGroup
  • It is best practice to configure FlexGroups across each aggregate, with the same multiplier (constituents per aggregate)
    • The default value of the -aggr-list-multiplier parameter is 1


volume expand -vserver vserver_name -volume fg_name -aggr-list aggregate1,aggregate2 -aggr-list-multiplier


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