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CIFS setup error "Could not set filer password in domain: (0x3c) Connection timed out."

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  • Data ONTAP 7-Mode


CIFS setup fails with the following error:

"Could not set filer password in domain: (0x3c) Connection timed out."



(1) Active Directory domain authentication (Active Directory domains only)

(2) Windows NT 4 domain authentication (Windows NT or Active Directory domains)

(3) Windows Workgroup authentication using the filer's local user accounts

(4) /etc/passwd and/or NIS/LDAP authentication

Selection (1 -4)? [1]:
        What is the name of the Active Directory domain? [ASP.LOCAL]:
        In Active Directory-based domains, it is essential that the filer's time match the domain's internal time so that the Kerberos-based
        authentication system works correct ly. If the time difference between the filer and the domain controllers is more than 5 minutes,
        authentication will fail. Time services are currently not configured on this filer. Since time services are configured on the local default
        vfiler (vfiler0), and since this particular setup is for a different vfiler, we cannot configure time services now.  We recommend that you
        terminate setup with Ctrl-C, configure time services on local vfiler0, and then re-run CIFS setup.

        In order to create an Active Directory machine account for the filer, you must supply the name and password of a Windows account with
        sufficient privileges to add computers to the ASP.LOCAL domain. 

Enter the name of the Windows user []: user1
Password for user1:

CIFS - Logged in as
        The user that you specified has permission to create the filer's machine account in many (95) containers. Please choose the method that
        you want to use to specify the container that will hold this account.

(1) Create the filer's machine account in the "Computers" container (CN=Computers, Windows default)

(2) Choose from the entire list

(3) Choose from a subset of containers by specifying a search filter

Selection (1-3)? [1]: 1

filer1> Thu Jul 18 12:05:41 EDT [bosp9infnas04:cifs.trace.GSS:error]: AUTH: Could not set filer password in domain: (0x3c) Connection timed out.
           Thu Jul 18 12:05 :41 EDT [bosp9infnas04:cifs.kerberos.keytab:error]: CIFS: Keytable information for Kerberos:Error during backup restoration,                                          could not find backup keytable.
           Thu Jul 18 12:05:41 EDT [bosp9infnas04:cifs.trace.GSS:error]: AUTH: Could not restore old keytab after failed password change.



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