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Automatic giveback fails during ONTAP ANDU due to onboard key import failure

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Applies to

  • ONTAP 9.8
  • ONTAP Automatic Non-Disruptive Upgrade
  • Onboard Key Manager


  • ANDU upgrade from 9.6 to 9.8
  • EMS logs for node-02 show key import failures

Sun Aug 22 17:51:01 -0400 [node-02: wafl_exempt00: crypto.ssal.failed:alert]: SSAL operation failed: SSAL Unseal operation failed.
Sun Aug 22 17:51:01 -0400 [node-02: wafl_exempt00: crypto.debug:info]: Onboard key hierarchy import failed: failed to create NKEK: 31.
Sun Aug 22 17:51:01 -0400 [node-02: wafl_exempt00: crypto.okmrecovery.failed:alert]: ERROR: Import of the onboard key hierarchy failed: failed to import key hierarchy. Additional information: error: ssal unseal failed.

  • TSS errors seen in SKTRACE.GZ

2021-08-22T21:51:01Z 24880865537178 [0:0] SSAL_Error: tss_tpm_load:438 tss_execute failed
2021-08-22T21:51:01Z 24880865540576 [0:0] SSAL_Error: crypto_ssal_tpm_unseal:226 tss_tpm_load failed
2021-08-22T21:51:01Z 24880865638452 [0:0] SSAL_Error: tss_log_error:232 crypto_ssal_tpm_unseal: failed, rc 000b0009
2021-08-22T21:51:01Z 24880865640870 [0:0] SSAL_Error: tss_log_error:234 TSS_RC_BAD_CONNECTION - Failure communicating with lower layer
2021-08-22T21:51:01Z 24880865643199 [0:0] SSAL_Error: crypto_ssal_fs_unseal:167 The public portion of the blob should be NULL and of size 0

  • Giveback was vetoed due to volume encryption keys being unavailable

Sun Aug 22 17:56:47 -0400 [node-01: cf_giveback: gb.sfo.veto.kmgr.keysmissing:error]: Giveback of aggregate aggr1_n02 failed due to unavailability of volume encryption keys for the encrypted volumes of the aggregate on the partner node node-02.
Sun Aug 22 17:56:47 -0400 [node-01: cf_giveback: sfo.sendhome.subsystemAbort:alert]: The giveback operation of 'aggr1_n02' was aborted by 'keymanager'.

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