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AutoSupport for ONTAP 9 over SMTP error message: 421 4.3.2 Service not available

Last Updated:

Applies to

  • ONTAP 9
  • AutoSupport
  • Transport SMTP


  • Unable for AutoSupport to send over SMTP.
  • I am not receiving AutoSupport messages to my SMTP account

Errors in ONTAP:
  • Review AutoSupport History:

::>system autosupport history show -node <node_name>  -fields node,seq-num,status,error,destination


  • Review the specifc sequence

::> system autosupport history show -seq-num 270 -instance

Node: Node-01 AutoSupport
Sequence Number: 270
Destination for This AutoSupport: smtp
Trigger Event: callhome.invoke
Time of Last Update: 12/24/2015 00:42:51
Status of Delivery: transmission-failed
Delivery Attempts: 15
AutoSupport Subject: USER_TRIGGERED (TEST:Testing from NODE1)
Delivery URI:
Last Error: weird server reply

Errors in Notifyd:
  • How to review notifyd.log:

::> node run -node (node name) -command rdfile /etc/log/mlog/notifyd.log

(category: 1620:538:deliver) (emittime: 12/24/2020 00:42:51) (message:   Trying
(category: 1620:538:deliver) (emittime: 12/24/2020 00:42:51) (message: Connected to ( port 25 (#0))
(category: 1620:538:deliver) (emittime: 12/24/2020 00:42:51) (message: Marked for [keep alive]: SMTP default)
(category: 1620:538:deliver) (emittime: 12/24/2020 00:42:51) (message: SMTP 0x809c4ff state change from STOP to SERVERGREET)
(category: 1620:538:deliver) (emittime: 12/24/2020 00:42:51) (message: 421 4.3.2 Service not available)
(category: 1620:538:deliver) (emittime: 12/24/2020 00:42:51) (message: Got unexpected smtp-server response: 421)
(category: 1620:538:deliver) (emittime: 12/24/2020 00:42:51) (message: multi_done)
(category: 1620:538:deliver) (emittime: 12/24/2020 00:42:51) (message: Marked for [closure]: SMTP done with bad status)
(category: 1620:538:deliver) (emittime: 12/24/2020 00:42:51) (message: Closing connection 0)
(category: 1620:538:deliver) (emittime: 12/24/2020 00:42:51) (message: Failed to transmit smtp asup 538,
curl error: Weird server reply)


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