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Ask Expert/NAS: How to troubleshoot performance for slow browsing NFS mount

Applies to

NAS Protocol 




To begin with, the following needs to be assumed:

  • “Browse” in this context means to go to the CLI of the client and perform a cd and ls for directories

  • “Slow” is defined as a visible delay in listing the directory. In order for further troubleshooting from this point, there must be a counter for this latency. (Ex. : It takes 1s to list a directory of 500 folders and files.)

  • “Client” in this context refers to an approved Linux client having a problem. Please note what client types are running into problems and which ones are. (Ex: The listing of the directory has normal latency on an RHEL client but not on a Solaris client.) Please also note the version of the client (Ex.: RHEL 6.5)


The following also needs to be marked:

  • If the issue is occurring on multiple clients, pick a single client (Ex: Client A) and note:

    • The type of the Linux Client

    • The version of the Linux Client

    • The IP address of the Linux Client

    • The current user logged into the Linux Client


With the above defined we can continue troubleshooting from this point.



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