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After root migratation, Web services stay offline preventing access to System Manager

Last Updated:

Applies to

  • ONTAP 9.3 and later
  • System Manager


  • Failure when trying to log in to System Manager
  • Checking Web services , they show offline
cluster ::> system services web node show
HTTP    HTTP  HTTPS                  Total        Total
Node          External Enabled Port  Port  Status   HTTP Requests Bytes Served
------------- -------- ------- ----- ----- -------- ------------- ------------
node01        true     true    80    443   offline              -            -
node02        true     true    80    443   online              64         2852
node03        true     true    80    443   online            3366    213326448
node04        true     true    80    443   online             181        19286
4 entries were displayed.
  • Attempting to online fails and returns to offline state
  • Reviewing Apache error logs we see
  [Fri Sep 11 04:58:17.197701 2020 0000] [ssl:notice] [pid 70701:tid 34376532480] Initializing Data ONTAP SSL.
  [Fri Sep 11 04:58:17.197723 2020 0000] [ssl:notice] [pid 70701:tid 34376532480] Data ONTAP SSL has been initialized 
  [Fri Sep 11 04:58:18.311170 2020 0000] [mod_shib:crit] [pid 70701:tid 34376532480] child_init: mod_shib failed to 
  load configuration: Unable to access local file (/mroot/etc/shibboleth/shibboleth2.xml)
  [Fri Sep 11 05:58:18.988273 2020] [dot:notice] [pid 79728:tid 34376532480] The web services database has been initialized.
  • View SAML config
::*> saml status show -inst
  (security saml-sp status show)

                         Node: node1
                Update Status: config-failed
               Database Epoch: 1
   Database Transaction Count: 1840
                   Error Text: SAML job failed, Reason: Internal error. Failed to receive the SAML IDP Metadata file.
SAML Service Provider Enabled: false
        ID of SAML Config Job: 65


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