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After joining nodes to a Cluster, cluster add-node-status displays a failed node

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Applies to

ONTAP 9.4 +


Nodes are successfully added to the Cluster however cluster add-node-status still displays a failed node attempt.

Cluster::*> cluster show -fields node-uuid, node,health

node    node-uuid                            health
------- ------------------------------------ ------
Node1 95ac7d94-78bc-11ea-9578-d039ea157477 true
Node2  382b71ff-78ba-11ea-9f1a-d039ea179173 true
Node3 369cf043-981c-11e9-8dbf-d039ea03d8df true
Node4 a9f320e2-981d-11e9-8844-d039ea03a606 true
Node5 154dbe37-99e1-11e9-b1b3-00a098f2d946 true
Node6   50882ed5-981d-11e9-a3ec-d039ea03d96f true
Node7 2256ed96-981c-11e9-a475-d039ea03d858 true
Node8   aeffbfa8-981a-11e9-9f3a-d039ea03dc8b true
Node9  247c3f07-37d3-11ec-a4b1-d039ea21fa3b true
Node10    99346f4d-78bc-11ea-b907-d039ea157341 true
Node11  95c224c2-78b6-11ea-9ec0-d039ea1721bc true
Node12   138405a0-99e1-11e9-9458-00a098f2d91e true
Node13 6696b7bd-37d3-11ec-85a7-d039ea3755f9 true
Node14   dc9885ae-981b-11e9-b40b-d039ea03d88d true
Node15 854f0f3e-9828-11e9-ab1d-d039ea03d93f true
Node16 ad63d276-78b6-11ea-8f9e-d039ea17b0c7 true
Node17  115de9c9-9827-11e9-b5e1-d039ea03d90a true
Node18   349a9910-78ba-11ea-b3ad-d039ea17b117 true
18 entries were displayed.

Cluster::*> cluster add-node-status
Node Name Cluster IP Status Error Reason
---------------- ------------------- ------------------- --------------------------
Node1 success
Node2 success
Node3 success
Node4 success
Node5 success
Node6 success
Node7 success
Node8 success
Node9 success
Node10 success
Node11 success
Node12 success
Node13 success
Node14 success
Node15 success
Node16 success
Node17 success
Node18 success
- failure Cluster join operation cannot be performed at this time: Joining node must be at least the same version as the lowest version node in the cluster.
19 entries were displayed.
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