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After a Head Upgrade data access across the cluster is failing

Last Updated:

Applies to

  • ONTAP 9
  • Head Upgrade
  • Controller Upgrade


After a Head Upgrade  data access case be disrupted when:
  • Data is being accessed indirectly
  • Reverting logical interfaces (LIFs) or relocating aggregates back home

EMS Log:

05/14 080748 (CsmActiveOpenUser::activeOpenRsp): Connection 0, priority 1, Session (req=AFF-A300-01:spinvfs, rsp=cluster1:dblade, uniquifier=0005a59731223009) - rcvd error code 69 CtLoError CTLOPCP_ERR_CONNREFUSED rxSockError 61 TLSerror 0 (will attempt to restart)
05/14 080748 (CsmActiveOpenUser::activeOpenRsp): Connection 0, priority 1 - scheduled delayed connection restart for Session (req=AFF-A300-01:spinvfs, rsp=cluster1:dblade, uniquifier=0005a59731223009)

05/13 210231 (CSMImpl::registerLocalAddress - CSM_EXISTS): vifId 1024, vif role 1, vserverId -3, already exists.
05/13 210231 (CSMImpl::registerListenAddress - CSM_EXISTS: ): listener for vifId 1024, port = 7700, vif role 1 already exists.


Confirm if any node  is listening on port 7700:

example Node 02 is missing

::> network connections listening show -vserver Cluster
  (network connections listening show)
Vserver Name     Interface Name:Local Port              Protocol/Service
---------------- -------------------------------------  -----------------------
Node: cluster1-node1
Cluster          cluster1-node1_clus1:7700                 TCP/ctlopcp
Cluster          cluster1-node1_clus2:7700                 TCP/ctlopcp
2 entries were displayed.






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