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(OUT OF INODES) ERROR - AutoSupport message

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Applies to

  • ONTAP 9
  • Flexible Volume (FlexVol)
  • HA Group Notification (OUT OF INODES) ERROR

Event Summary

  • This message occurs when a volume is out of inodes, which refer to individual files, other types of files, and directories.
  • When a volume runs out of inodes, no more files can be created in that volume until the number of inodes is increased or existing inodes are freed.


Identify volume in Event Log
  1. Run the following:

::>event log show -severity error -message-name *inodes:*

  1. Confirm this event exists:

[node1: wafl_exempt12: wafl.vol.outOfInodes:error]: file system on Volume volume1@vserver:bf5f-00a0989c3f7e is out of
   inodes because it has reached the maximum number of files
[node1: wafl_exempt12:]: Call home for OUT OF INODES

Or, identify volume by CLI query

In ONTAP, you can view inode counts per volume by using the following command in advanced privilege mode  by using the following commands:

::>set advanced

::*> volume show -volume <Vol name> -fields size, files,files-used,files-maximum-possible


::> set advanced
::*> volume show -volume vol1 -fields size, files,files-used,files-maximum-possible

vserver volume size files files-used files-maximum-possible
------- ------ ----- -------- ---------- ----------------------
svm1 vol1 500GB 15564791 96 124518391

Alternate command

Run df -i volume_name (using the volume identified in event logs)

::> df -i volume1
Filesystem iused ifree %iused Mounted on
/vol/volume1/ 30646220 0 100% /home

Additional Information

What is an inode?


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