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"vol move" stuck with "Deduplication operation is not configured" error

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  • When vol move is performed, "Deduplication operation is not configured error" is repeatedly output to mgwd.log and the process does not proceed.


[kern_mgwd:info:2036] 0x81f38d500: 8603ef00000ac52e: WARNING: VOPL::DbladeZapiServerConnection: ksmfDbladeIf::setupMoveSourceForTransfer 833 failed operation forVolume Id: XXXX error-no : 1259827 error-string : Deduplication operation is not configured detailed error: Error:14643, CR_Error:CR_NO_ERROR(0), WAFL_Error:0
[kern_mgwd:info:2036] 0x81f38d500: 8603ef00000ac52e: ERR: VOPL::VolumeObject: FlexVolume::setupMoveSourceForTransfer: failed to prepare for jobId(XXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXX), vserverId(0x0000000X), clusterId(XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX), aggrId(XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX), volName(XXXXXXX), msid(0x0x000000008000XXXX), dsid(0x0x000000000000XXXX), err(code=14643,module=19,msg=Deduplication operation is not configured), reason(Deduplication operation is not configured).
[kern_mgwd:info:2036] 0x81f38f300: 8603ef00000ac52e: WARNING: VOPL::VolMove: 125964 refreshTransferEngineInterfaces 12424 VolMoveJob::refreshing transfer engine interfaces, due to last error code = 14643. Preparing the source of the volume move for transfer: Deduplication operation is not configured

  • "Deduplication operation is not configured error" would be observed from output of "volume move show -instance" as well.


Cluster::> volume move show -instance

                           Vserver Name: SVM1
                            Volume Name: vol_test
                 Actual Completion Time: -
                        Bytes Remaining: 573.3GB
                  Destination Aggregate: aggr2
                        Detailed Status: Volume move job at decision point
Error: Preparing the source of the volume move for transfer: Deduplication operation is not configured
           Estimated Time of Completion: Tue Dec 21 11:09:03 2021
                          Managing Node: node2
                    Percentage Complete: 98%
                             Move Phase: replicating
           Estimated Remaining Duration: 00:00:30
                 Replication Throughput: 464.2MB/s
                       Duration of Move: 5 days 03:04
                       Source Aggregate: aggr_src2
                     Start Time of Move: Thu Dec 16 08:04:24 2021
                             Move State: warning
             Is Source Volume Encrypted: false
     Encryption Key ID of Source Volume:
        Is Destination Volume Encrypted: false
Encryption Key ID of Destination Volume:


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