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"Security key-manager delete-kmip-config" command gives Error: command failed

Applies to

  • Ontap 9.0+
  • NSE
  • External key manager (KMIP)


  • Data and FIPS-compliance authentication keys are set for MSID 0x0
  • Running "security key-manager delete-kmip-config" gives error:

Error: command failed:
 One or more Storage Encryption devices are assigned an authentication
 key. Use the command "storage encryption disk show" and "storage
 encryption disk show -fips" to show the devices that have authentication
 keys other than the default Manufacture Secure ID (MSID, denoted by
 keyID "0x0" commands to exit FIPS-compliance mode and to change the data
 authentication key to the default Manufacture Secure ID.


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