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What are all of the XCP arguements

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Below is a list of the arguments available for xcp:

Argument Description Input type Default value Hidden
fmt Formatted output String N/A False
match Only process files and directories that match the filter String N/A False
exclude Exclude the files and directories that match the filter String N/A False
top Process just the top n files, ordered by the attribute expression String N/A True
limit Limit number of inodes for testing Integer N/A True
copy Copy each file tree to the destination (the last path) N/A N/A False
verify command uses a full byte-by-byte data comparison between source and target directories after the copy operation without using a catalog index number N/A N/A False
archive Save a compressed chunk of data for each batch N/A N/A True
md5 Checksum the files (also save the checksum files when indexing) N/A False False
du Summarize space usage of each directory, including subdirectories N/A N/A False
duk Summarize space usage of directory, include subdirectories, with output in kilobytes N/A N/A False
subdir-names Return names of top level sub-dirs in a directory N/A N/A True
init Optional setup for search/match String N/A False
readonly Consider readonly source N/A N/A True
live Enable live source code N/A N/A True
nosattr Nosattr N/A False True
nolinks Treat hard links as regular, distinct files N/A N/A True
cnmax Concurrent tree search nodes Integer 64 True
cfiles Concurrent files per process Integer 100 True
stmax Subdirs Integer 6 True
edupe Include deduplication estimate in reports N/A N/A False
batchlen Approximate files per batch Integer 5000 True
batchsize Batch size threshold N/A 900M True
copyZeros Copy zero blocks (don't preserve sparse files) N/A N/A True
noCatalog Don't use catalog at all N/A N/A True
jobId Job id used for inserting files/directories into db String N/A True
allowchunks Let a directory span multiple batches N/A N/A True


Additional Information

For more information on non-hidden options see the XCP reference guide for you version.


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