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NetApp XCP Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

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Applies to

  • NetApp XCP NFS client
  • NetApp XCP SMB client



Who do I contact for issues with registration/licensing?

Answer: If you need help with the registration or licensing, contact the XCP license team via email here:

General Question

Does XCP support live filesystem migrations?

Answer: No.  XCP does not currently support live filesystem migrations. The source of the data should be at rest. Depending on the source this could be accomplished by copying the data from a snapshot of the source

Is there a way to prevent XCP from deleting sync'd files on the target after they've been deleted from the source?

Answer: XCP will keep the source and destination in sync. Currently there is no way to keep XCP from removing an object from the target that has been removed from the source. If you would like to see this functionality added, please open a case with support and ask to have the case tagged to enhancement request 1282451.

Is there a way to get a time estimate for an XCP operation to complete?

Answer: There is currently no way to estimate the time that will be required to complete an XCP operation. If you would like to see this functionality added, please open a case with support and ask to have the case tagged to enhancement request 1246726.

What are some of the options to filter scan results? Xcp scan using -match - fmt filters

Answer: There are lots of different variables and string expressions that can be used. Please refer to examples from the XCP User Guide 


What are the "-fallback-user" and "-fallback-group" used for during NTFS ACL transfer?

Answer: The fallback-user and fallback-group are objects that should be available to the XCP process as well as the target system (either as local user/group objects or domain objects) to assign as the recipients for permissions delegated to local (nondomain) objects on the source. For example: If a file on the source is granted Full Control to user SOURCE\Alice, but SOURCE\Alice is not resolvable by the XCP. Then XCP will substitute SOURCE\Alice with the "-fallback-user", and that designated user will receive Full Control permissions on the file.

Does XCP copy NT ACLs at the root level of a share?

Answer: XCP v1.5 now has the ability to copy ACLs at the root of the share. Versions prior to 1.5 would not copy ACLs at the root of the share

Does XCP SMB support\copy symlinks?

Answer: XCP SMB does not support symlinks via NFS on mixed type volume


Can XCP transfer NFSv4 ACLs?

Answer: With the release of XCP 1.5, NFSv4 ACLs can now be transferred using the - acl4 switch. Note that non-NetApp to NetApp NFSv4 ACL migration is currently not supported.

XCP scan at cluster root level “/” is Not Supported?

Answer: Each vserver will have to be individually mounted and scanned, cannot point to the cluster root mount.

Does XCP support ':' in the file path variable?

Answer: XCP does not currently ':' in a path variable. This functionality is being tracked via 1181829. This may generate the following XCP errors.

mnt3 error 2: no such file or directory
xcp usage error: copy: invalid path 


[root@centos ~]# ./xcp copy -newid test 
xcp: ERROR: mnt3 MOUNT tcp 635 mnt3 c0 '/unix/new': mnt3 error 2: no such file or directory

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