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setup-mnode script on mNode failing with HTTP 500: Error adding storage asset

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Element OS 11.3+


setup-mnode script on mNode 11.3+ fails with HTTP 500: Error adding storage asset

mNodeCLI # /sf/packages/mnode/setup-mnode --mnode_admin_user XXX--storage_mvip XXX--storage_username XXX --telemetry_active true

[2019-10-24T11:02:38.088538Z]:[mnodecfg:69] ERROR:Error: HTTP 500: Error adding storage asset. - Internal Server Error
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "setup_scripts/", line 67, in config_pre_networked_mnode
  File "setup_scripts/", line 172, in _config_mnode
  File "setup_scripts/", line 501, in launch_mnode_assets
  File "setup_scripts/", line 609, in _ensure_storage_asset
  File "setup_scripts/", line 115, in retry_operation
  File "setup_scripts/", line 106, in retry_operation
  File "setup_scripts/", line 81, in add_storage_asset
  File "setup_scripts/", line 334, in handle_response
sfprime.MnodeCfgError: Error: HTTP 500: Error adding storage asset. - Internal Server Error
[2019-10-24T11:02:38.088952Z]:[mnodecfg:74] ERROR:mNode configuration has failed in a unrecoverable state. Attempting to cleanup docker environment.
[2019-10-24T11:02:38.089303Z]:[config_util:1107] WARNING:Starting docker environment cleanup.
[2019-10-24T11:02:38.113904Z]:[config_util:1074] INFO:Finding networks to delete.
[2019-10-24T11:02:38.114269Z]:[config_util:1078] INFO:Found following networks to attempt to delete: docker_gwbridge, internal
[2019-10-24T11:02:38.114588Z]:[config_util:1082] INFO:Finding volumes to delete.
[2019-10-24T11:02:38.115059Z]:[config_util:1085] INFO:Found following volumes to attempt to delete: NetApp-HCI-nks-service, NetApp-HCI-mnode-api, NetApp-HCI-credential-svc, NetApp-HCI-cloud-service, NetApp-HCI-hci-monitor, NetApp-Simple-data
[2019-10-24T11:02:38.115968Z]:[config_util:1112] INFO:Leaving swarm.
[2019-10-24T11:02:51.363140Z]:[config_util:1114] INFO:Pruning any stopped containers.
[2019-10-24T11:02:51.365058Z]:[config_util:1091] INFO:Deleting networks.
[2019-10-24T11:02:51.511237Z]:[config_util:1097] INFO:Deleting volumes.
[2019-10-24T11:02:51.549372Z]:[config_util:1103] INFO:Docker environment cleanup complete.
[2019-10-24T11:02:51.564742Z]:[config_util:1132] INFO:Cleaned up vcp database folder.

The script will perform automatic clean up, so after a failure there will be no running containers.

mNodeCLI $ sudo su
mNodeCLI # docker ps
CONTAINER ID        IMAGE               COMMAND             CREATED             STATUS              PORTS               NAMES

To get mNode logs, interrupt the script before it cleans up and run following commands:

mNodeCLI# docker ps
mNodeCLI# docker service logs mnode_mnode.1.XXXXXXXXXXXXXX --follow > /tmp/mnode.logs

mnode_mnode.1.oviesreopg7z@SF-323B  | 2019-10-24T13:20:12.592312Z |    10 |  197568 |    MainProcess-uWSGIWorker3Core0  | bearer_scheme:51 | WARNING | Unable to authenticate request: (JWTClaimsError('The token is not yet valid (nbf)',), 'The token is not yet valid, please ensure client system and auth-server clocks match.')
mnode_mnode.1.oviesreopg7z@SF-323B  | [pid: 10|app: 0|req: 21/47] () {30 vars in 1104 bytes} [Thu Oct 24 13:20:12 2019] GET /1/assets => generated 0 bytes in 1 msecs (HTTP/1.1 401) 5 headers in 192 bytes (0 switches on core 0)

After checking mNode container logs you noticed: "The token is not yet valid, please ensure client system and auth-server clocks match" message



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