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How to use an mNode to gather BMC logs from a SolidFire/HCI storage or compute node

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Applies to

  • SolidFire
  • HCI
  • Storage nodes
  • Compute nodes


The commands in this article can be run on any system that has the ipmitool command suite installed and also has network access to the node's BMC.  Most commonly this procedure is performed on a cluster's management node (mNode) but this can also be done from any Element storage node or any other Linux host in the environment, provided that host has ipmitool installed.

Many other ipmitool commands exist but the commands listed in this article are for gathering logs to be used by NetApp Technical Support for troubleshooting issues with a node.  This method of gathering data is especially helpful when there is a suspected hardware issue and a node cannot boot into its operating system (whether Element or VMware) or when the operating system cannot be accessed for any other reason.

These commands work on all currently supported NetApp SolidFire/HCI platforms regardless of whether the node is storage or compute, and regardless of the node manufacturer.

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