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NetApp Response to Russia-Ukraine Cyber Threat
In response to the recent rise in cyber threat due to the Russian-Ukraine crisis, NetApp is actively monitoring the global security intelligence and updating our cybersecurity measures. We follow U.S. Federal Government guidance and remain on high alert. Customers are encouraged to monitor the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security (CISA) website for new information as it develops and remain on high alert.
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Common questions about SolidFire Element OS upgrade

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NetApp Element software 10.3 and above


  1. The following errors due to the known issues exist in the cluster, are these errors impacting the sfinall or health check?
Error Code      Details
nodeHardwareFault  Chassis component "Memory" reports status as "Critical".
nodeHardwareFault  NVRAM device warning={fanInletAmbientTemperature: 56.67 C}
  • These nodeHardwareFault not reports in the health check since it checks cluster faults in the cluster.
  • It also not impact sfinstall upgrade command.
  • Besides, use the -f option in sfinstall command can bypass the ignorable cluster faults if necessary.


  1. Are the connections via MVIP will be cut off while the last node (cluster master) being upgraded?
  • The cluster master role is going to demote to another node while it is upgrading, so the connections on this node are also redirected to the new cluster master node.


  1. During the node upgrading, if SSD failure or node failure occurring on other nodes, how is the cluster capacity changing?
  • It will no change during the BS Kill Timer(default is 1hr 15min) which is set by the upgrade command.


  1. For any node or SSD failure during the upgrade, and if the failed parts are holding the double-helix data with the upgrading node, is the recovery action only can be executed after the node upgrading?
  • Yes.


  1. For the above scenario 4, what's the impact on the client?
  • In most scenarios, the write operation is almost no impact but for the read operation which needs to access the failed parts will be impacted. 

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