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What is meaning for Disk status was replaced with a star ico in Array Management?

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Applies to

  • E-Series SANtricity Storage Manager 11.30 & Prior versions

  • E-Series Controller firmware 08.30 & Prior versions


Disk status is replaced with a star ico in Array Management.

One disk has been failed manually and manual reconstruction has been performed, and then the operation of disk revive.The disk displays replaced status with a star ico in Array Management

Raid reconstruction is not completed, so the drive will stay in a replaced state until this completes.

Perform the following steps:

  1. Collect the latest Support Bundle,
  2. Check state-capture-data.txt -->vdmShowVGInfo(0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0)
  3. Find out the volume 7 with inactive drive:
    Seq:8 / RAID 5 / VGCompleteState / TLP:F / DLP:F / SSM:T / ActDrv:7 / InActDrv:1 / VolCnt:1 / Secure:No
    BlockSize:512 / LPE:0 / DBF:1 / PI Capable:T - 2 / Label:vol8 / VGWwn:60080e5000326df8000000a8541a2d27
    (Active) Drive:0x122c2ba0 devnum:0x00010033 seqNum:1 Tray/Slot:99/52 State:Acc/GrA/Opt
    (Active) Drive:0x122c3e20 devnum:0x00010034 seqNum:2 Tray/Slot:99/53 State:Acc/GrA/Opt
    (Active) Drive:0x2cc15ee0 devnum:0x00010035 seqNum:3 Tray/Slot:99/54 State:Acc/IHS/Opt
    (Active) Drive:0x122c6360 devnum:0x00010036 seqNum:4 Tray/Slot:99/55 State:Acc/GrA/Opt
    (Active) Drive:0x122c7620 devnum:0x00010037 seqNum:5 Tray/Slot:99/56 State:Acc/GrA/Opt
    (Active) Drive:0x122c88a0 devnum:0x00010038 seqNum:6 Tray/Slot:99/57 State:Acc/GrA/Opt
    (Active) Drive:0x122c9b60 devnum:0x00010039 seqNum:7 Tray/Slot:99/58 State:Acc/GrA/Opt
    (Inactive) Drive:0x122cc0a0 devnum:0x0001003b seqNum:3 State:Acc/GrA/Opt
    Volumes: 0x00007 [O]
  4. Check the volume 7 in evfShowVol-->evfShowVol(7,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0)
    Background Task: COPY-BACK at block 0x00088fa4000 with 34% complete

Note: You might see the copy back or the reconstruction progress, which will always say 0% because the controller does not own that volume. The owner of the volume will show the progress.


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