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No manageable storage arrays are discovered by E-Series SRA floods the controllers with TCP sessions

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Applies to

  • SANtricity OS 11.30.x
  • NetApp SANtricity Storage Replication Adapter (SRA) 5.5, 5.6


  • Unified Manager shows the error:
The specified device was not accessible. The storage array may not be connected properly or you may need to restart the host agent software. Refer to the online help for more information. Do you want to add it as an Unidentified Device?
  • SANtricity Storage Manager shows the error:
No manageable storage arrays were discovered. Storage arrays that have already been added to the Unified Manager will not be included in the discovered list. Verify the storage arrays are properly connected to your network and their assigned addresses are within a valid range.
  • The installation might run without issues for months. Over time, the number of TCP connections to the storage controllers increases until other components (i.e.SANtricity) report the systems as No manageable storage arrays were discovered.
  • The E-series array IPs is not manageable via this SRA with the error: SRA command "discoverArrays" failed.
  • It is also likely that any failover between sites will also fail with some variation of the followed errors logged in the C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager\storage\sra\ log files. The following error message is reported:
Error - Failed to sync data on replica devices. SRA command 'syncOnce' failed. Array at IPs10.xx.xx.xx and 10.xx.xx.xx is not manageable via this SRA Unknown storage array type, not supported by this SRA.
Array at IPs 10.xx.xx.x and 10.xx.xx.xx is not manageable via this SRA.
Array at IPs 10.xx.xx.xx and 10.xx.xx.xx cannot be reached



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