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Copy back does not occur by VOLUME_HOT_SPARE_IN_USE

Last Updated:

Applies to

  • SANtricity OS Software 11.71
  • Controller Firmware


  • Copy back does not occur after disk replacement.
  • The status of data drive keeps Replaced after disk replacement.

   Drive at Shelf 99, Bay 7
      Status:                    Replaced                                         
      Mode:                     Assigned                                         
      Raw capacity:              1,676.716 GB                                     
      Usable capacity:          1,671. 216 GB                                     
      World-wide identifier:    
      Associated volume group:  HDD-RAID5   


Failure Entry 1: VOLUME_HOT_SPARE_IN_USE- Recovery Failure Type Code: 21
Storage array: RabbitSAN
Volume group: HDD-RAID5
Status: Optimal
RAID level: 5
Failed drive at:  shelf 99, bay 7
Service action (removal) allowed: No Service action LED on component: No
Replaced by drive at: shelf 99,  bay 8
Volumes: HDD-RAID5

  • The mode of spare disk is Hot spare in-use.

   Drive at Shelf 99, Bay 8
      Status:                    Optimal                                          
      Mode:                     Hot spare in-use                                 
      Raw capacity:              1,676.716 GB                                     
      Usable capacity:          1,671. 216 GB                                     
      World-wide identifier:     
      Associated volume group:  HDD-RAID5  

  • Raid group is Optimal.

   Name:              HDD- RAID5            
      Status:         Optimal              
      Capacity:       5, 013.648 GB         
      Current owner:  Controller in bay B  

      Quality of Service (QoS) Attributes

         RAID level:                    5                           
         Drive media type:              Hard Disk Drive             
         Drive interface type:         Serial Attached SCSI (SAS)   
         Shelf loss protection:        No                          
         Secure-Capable:                No                          
         Secure- Enabled                No                          
         Data Assurance (DA) capable:   Yes                         
         DA enabled volume present:    Yes                         

      Total Volumes:           1         
         Thick volumes:       1         
         Repository volumes:  0         
         Free Capacity:        3.648 GB  

      Associated drives - present (in piece order)
      Total drives present:  5

         Shelf  Bay                                                
         99     4        
         99     5                                                  
         99     6            
         99     7                                                  
         99     8 [hot spare drive is sparing for drive at 99, 7]  


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