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Is it possible to move a Volume SnapMirror destination from one volume to another on the same storage system without performing another baseline across the network?

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Applies to

  • SnapMirror
  • Data ONTAP 7 and earlier


The volumes contained are used for Volume SnapMirror destinations and preserving this relationship is required.

  1. On the destination storage system, issue a SnapMirror update. This will update the current relationship between Orig_src and Orig_dest.
    filer>snapmirror update <Orig_dest>
  2. Perform a SnapMirror quiesce and break between the source and destination storage .
    filer> snapmirror quiesce <snapmirror destination volume>
    filer> snapmirror break <snapmirror destination volume>
  3. Modify the /etc/snapmirror.conf file on the destination storage system to remove the relationship.
  4. Create a new SnapMirror relationship between <snapmirror destination volume> and <snapmirror NEW_destination volume>. For this new relationship, <snapmirror OLD_destination volume> is the source and <snapmirror NEW_destination volume> is the destination.
    To create a relationship using CLI, see Data Protection Using SnapMirror.
  5. Once the relationship has completed and is showing snapmirrored, perform a SnapMirror quiesce and break for this relationship.
    filer> snapmirror quiesce <snapmirror NEW_destination volume>
    filer> snapmirror break <snapmirror NEW_destination volume>
  6. Modify the /etc/snapmirror.conf file on the destination to remove this relationship. 
  7. On the destination storage system, perform a SnapMirror resync to establish a relationship of SnapMirror to the new destination (between Orig_src and New_dest).
     filer> snapmirror resync -S OriginalSourceFiler:<snapmirror source volume> DestinationFiler:<snapmirror NEW_destination volume>
  8. Update the destination storage system's /etc/snapmirror.conf file to establish scheduled updates.


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