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What are the different ways to schedule SnapMirror updates using ONTAP features?

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Applies to

  • ONTAP 9.7+
  • SnapMirror
  • SnapVault


  • There are two possible ways to make a SnapMirror update by schedule since ONTAP 9.7:
Put a schedule as a parameter of the SnapMirror relationship:
  • A cron schedule can be set as a SnapMirror variable during the creation of a relationship:

 cluster1::> snapmirror create -source-path test: ?
   { [-destination-path] {<[vserver:][volume]>|<[[cluster:]//vserver/]volume>|<hostip:/lun/name>|<hostip:/share/share-name>|<[vserver:]/cg/[cgname]>}  Destination Path
  | [ -destination-cluster <cluster_name> ]     Destination Cluster (default: cluster1)
     [-destination-vserver] <vserver name>      Destination Vserver
    [[-destination-volume] <volume name>] }     Destination Volume (default: "")
  [[-type] {DP|LS|XDP|RST|TDP}]                 Relationship Type
  [ -vserver <vserver name> ]                   Managing Vserver
  [ -schedule <text> ]                          SnapMirror Schedule
  [ -policy <snapmirror policy> ]               SnapMirror Policy
  [ -tries {<integer>|unlimited} ]              Tries Limit
  [ -throttle|-k {<integer>|unlimited} ]        Throttle (KB/sec) (default: unlimited)
  [ -cg-item-mappings {<source volume>:@<destination volume>|<source item path>:@<destination item path>}, ... ]                                                             Consistency Group Item Mappings
  [ -identity-preserve {true|false} ]           Identity Preserve Vserver DR (default: false)
  [ -is-auto-expand-enabled {true|false} ]      Is Auto Expand Enabled

  • A cron schedule can be set as a SnapMirror variable during modification of a relationship by CLI:

cluster1::> snapmirror modify -source-path test: ?
   { [-destination-path] {<[vserver:][volume]>|<[[cluster:]//vserver/]volume>|<hostip:/lun/name>|<hostip:/share/share-name>|<[vserver:]/cg/[cgname]>}  Destination Path
  | [ -destination-cluster <cluster_name> ]     Destination Cluster
     [-destination-vserver] <vserver name>      Destination Vserver
     [-destination-volume] <volume name> }      Destination Volume
  [[-vserver] <vserver name>]                   Managing Vserver
  [ -schedule <text> ]                          SnapMirror Schedule
  [ -policy <snapmirror policy> ]               SnapMirror Policy
  [ -tries {<integer>|unlimited} ]              Tries Limit
  [ -throttle|-k {<integer>|unlimited} ]        Throttle (KB/sec)
  [ -is-auto-expand-enabled {true|false} ]      Is Auto Expand Enabled
  [ -foreground|-w [true] ]                     Foreground Process

Put a schedule over the SnapMirror Policy:
  • You can add a schedule for the SnapMirror policy in ONTAP System Manager:
  • You can add the feature by CLI with hidden command
  • SnapMirror policies with a schedule can be checked, added, or modified with a hidden field called "transfer-schedule-name":

cluster::> snapmirror policy show -fields transfer-schedule-name

  • The command will be publicly listed in future releases of ONTAP
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