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Transition SVM peer ignores "local-lifs" parameter when multipath is configured

Last Updated:

Applies to

  • ONTAP 9.X
  • Transitional (type-TDP) SnapMirror


When using multipath for type-TDP SnapMirrors created manually or through the 7Mode Transition Tool (7MTT), SnapMirror ignores the "local-lifs" parameter as configured in the SVM peer transition relationship.

This issue occurs only when InterCluster LIF(s) are defined in the "local-lifs" parameter of the SVM transition peer relationship and only when a multipath address is configured.  As an example, consider a single-node destination cluster with two InterCluster LIFs configured in the same IPSpace, "ic1" and "ic2".

ClusterA::> network interface show -role intercluster
            Logical     Status      Network    Current                Current Is
            Vserver     Interface   Admin/Oper Address/Mask           Node          Port    Home
            ----------- ----------  ---------- ------------------     ------------- ------- ----
                        ic1         up/up         ClusterA-01   e0a     true
                        ic2         up/up            ClusterA-01   e0b     true

An SVM peer transition is configured with multipath and with a defined "local-lifs" parameter of "ic2".

ClusterA::> vserver peer transition show
Vserver  Source Filer  Multi Path Address Local LIFs
-------  ------------  -----------------  ---------------
svmTDP   7mode_source      ic2

However, when viewing the SnapMirror type-TDP (Transition) logs located in /etc/log/snapmirror on the destination controller node, we see SnapMirror using both "ic1" and "ic2" for connections to the source 7mode controller.

dst Sun Jun 9 09:00:51 CDT 7mode_source:sourceVol svmTDP:destVol Request (Initialize)
dst Sun Jun 9 09:00:54 CDT 7mode_source:sourceVol svmTDP:destVol Multipath configuration detected, able to find multipath address.
dst Sun Jun 9 09:00:54 CDT 7mode_source:sourceVol svmTDP:destVol Using destination IPs



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