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SnapMirror/SnapVault and Volume Move might fail after completing Copy Free Transition using 7MTT

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Applies to

  • ONTAP 9
  • Data ONTAP 8 7-mode
  • 7-Mode Transition Tool

Copy Free Transition (CFT) used to transition shelves from source Data ONTAP 7-Mode to a destination ONTAP cluster

Destination storage system is running ONTAP 9 or later

Source storage system has aggregates that were created earlier than Data ONTAP 7-Mode 8.2

Note: Customers who use 7MTT Copy Based Transition (CBT) are not affected by this issue.


After CFT has completed, the following issues might be encountered on the transitioned aggregates.

  1. Clustered Data ONTAP to clustered Data ONTAP SnapMirror operations like initialize, re-sync, update will fail if the destination volume of the SnapMirror/SnapVault is residing on a transitioned CFT aggregates.

    Note: The following error message might also be seen in the snapmirror audit file:

    'Sun Apr 24 22:37:06 AEST 2016 ResyncTransfer[Apr 24 22:36:47]:ac5048c9-09fa-11e6-9690-000e1e2a5fc0 Operation-Uuid=30d56896-0a19-11e6-9690-000e1e2a5fc0 Group=None Operation-Cookie=0 action=Defer source=src_svm:src_vol destination=dst_svm:dst_vol status=Failure message=Transferfailed.(Invalid transfer specified)'
  2. Vol move operations will fail if the destination volume of the operation resides on the transitioned CFT aggregate.

For more information, see BUG 1003600.


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