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SVMDR failed to create Snapshot copy due to error sourceVol does not have Snapshot copy snapshotName

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Applies to

  • ONTAP 9


  • A specific volume or set of volumes involved in an SVMDR relationship fails with the following error.

Tue Jun 23 10:15:11 PDT 2020 ManualUpdate[Jun 23 10:15:11]:3046eeb2-705a-11ea-b95e-d039ea06ba2a Operation-Uuid=185792e8-b575-11ea-b95e-d039ea06ba2a Group=vserver Operation-Cookie=6841592992252299011 action=End source=sourceSVM:sourceVol destination=destSVM:destVol status=Failure message=Failed to create Snapshot copy snapshotName on volume sourceSVM:sourceVol.(Volume e235b70c-703c-11ea-a7a7-d039ea032cc9:sourceVol does not have Snapshot copy snapshotName.)

  • The Snapshot mentioned in the error message was the parent / backing Snapshot for a FlexClone volume which was created from the source volume mentioned in the error message.
  • The Snapshot mentioned in the error message, as well as the FlexClone volume created from it, are already deleted from the source.
  • The FlexClone volume was created / managed in one of the three following methods:
    1. The FlexClone volume was created with -vserver-dr-protection set to "protected".
    2. The FlexClone volume was created with -vserver-dr-protection set to "protected" and was later changed to "unprotected".
    3. The FlexClone volume was created with -vserver-dr-protection set to "unprotected" but some FlexClone volume parameter was modified with a volume modify command. It does not matter what was modified.



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