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How to enable SnapMirror storage efficiency between volumes with different compression types

Applies to

  • ONTAP 9
  • SnapMirror
  • SnapVault


  1. 'Logical Transfer with Storage Efficiency (LRSE)' : All source-side storage efficiency savings are maintained by SnapMirror.
  2. 'Logical Transfer (LRE)' : All source-side storage efficiency savings are lost during transfer, but can be re-gained at the destination.
  • SnapMirror preserves storage efficiency on the source and destination volumes only when post process data compression on destination volume is disabled.
  • If compression is enabled on the SnapMirror(XDP) destination, then the savings from the source are not retained over the network transfer.
  • If the source and destination volumes have a different compression type (source volume: adaptive compression; destination volume: secondary compression; or vice versa), then the savings from the source are not retained over the network transfer.

Sourcecluster::*> volume efficiency show -fields compression-type,state,compression
vserver volume state   compression-type compression
------- ------ ------- ---------------- -----------
SRC     vol1   Enabled adaptive         true

Destinationcluster::*> volume efficiency show -fields compression,state,compression-type,policy
vserver volume  state   policy compression-type compression
------- ------- ------- ------ ---------------- -----------
DST     vol1dst Enabled -      secondary        true

Destinationcluster::*> snapmirror show
Source            Destination Mirror  Relationship   Total             Last
Path        Type  Path        State   Status         Progress  Healthy Updated
----------- ---- ------------ ------- -------------- --------- ------- --------
SRC:vol1    XDP  DST:vol1dst  Snapmirrored Idle      -         true    -

Example: snapmirror_audit_logs
Mon May 11 02:42:58 GMT 2020 ManualUpdate[May 11 02:42:53]:788427ca-9330-11ea-a1b5-005056b04021 Operation-Uuid=1ca35fe2-9331-11ea-a1b5-005056b04021 Group=none Operation-Cookie=0 action=End source=SRC:vol1 destination=DST:vol1dst status=Success bytes_transferred=634856848 network_compression_ratio=1.0:1 transfer_desc=Logical Transfer - Optimized Directory Mode



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