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How to enable SnapMirror storage efficiency between volumes with different compression types

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Applies to

  • ONTAP 9.3 and later
  • SnapMirror
  • SnapVault
  • Storage Efficiency


  • SnapMirror type-XDP preserves storage efficiency from the source volume only when all additional compression on the destination volume is disabled.
  • If compression is enabled on a SnapMirror destination, the storage efficiency savings from the source are not retained over the network.
  • Disabling compression at the SnapMirror destination in ONTAP 9.3 and later allows future SnapMirror transfers to switch to a storage-efficient transfer automatically, but only if the compression types between source and destination are the same (adaptive or secondary).
  • If compression types differ (e.g. the source has adaptive compression while the destination has secondary compression), turning off compression on the destination will not allow storage-efficient transfers and the relationship must be re-baselined.
  • For more details see SnapMirror storage efficiency configurations and behavior.
  • This KB describes steps to avoid a lengthy re-baseline in this scenario.
  • These steps require ONTAP 9.3 or later.


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