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SnapDrive fails to run a snapshot with 5 minute timeout or lock file error

Last Updated:

Applies to

  • SnapDrive for Unix (SDU)
  • SnapManager for Oracle (SMO)
  • SnapManager for SAP (SMSAP)


SnapDrive fails to create a snapshot with the following error found inside the sd-trace.log.# trace file:
Operation::addErrorReport: (1) FilerVolume:<STORAGE_IP>:/vol/<VOLUME> 220012 8501:Could not acquire lock file on storage system - more than one instance of snapdrive may be trying to create snapshots.

If no other instance is trying to create a snapshot (even on other hosts),
please delete file /vol/<VOLUME>/.snapdrive_lock on storage system <STORAGE_IP> and retry.
To delete the file, mount the volume <VOLUME> using junction path
and execute the command
'rm $mount_pt/.snapdrive_lock' on host.
Since SDU takes more than 7 minutes to fail that way, in the SMO or SMSAP report, you would see the following instead:
[ERROR]: EXE-00002: Timeout of 0:05:00.000 occurred while executing command: /usr/sbin/snapdrive snap create -fs /<ORA_MOUNT_POINT> -snapname <smo|smsap>_<SID>_h_<DATE>_<TIME>_1_UUID_0 -unrelated
[DEBUG]: SD-00003: Error creating snapshot: EXE-00002: Timeout of 0:05:00.000 occurred while executing command: /usr/sbin/snapdrive snap create -fs /<ORA_MOUNT_POINT> -snapname <smo|smsap>_<SID>_h_<DATE>_<TIME>_1_UUID_0 -unrelated
following by a java ProcessExecutionException trace. However, extending the timeout for SDU will show the first error.



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