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SnapCenter Plug-In for Oracle deployment fails with java and space errors

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SnapCenter Plug-In for Oracle (SCO)


  • Unable to deploy SCO plugin to host machine, either auto or manually
  • Issue can manifest itself in one or more errors captured in the following examples:  

2020-04-27T11:33:56.8733687-07:00 ERROR SnapManagerWeb_435 PID=[16272] TID=[58] ErrorCode (-1), ErrorMessage (The required 1 GB disk space is not available on to install the plug-ins. Create more disk space for '/tmp' and install path /opt)

2020-04-27T11:33:57.2170697-07:00 ERROR SnapManagerWeb_435 PID=[16272] TID=[53] Error: sudo: sorry, you must have a tty to run sudo

2020-04-27T11:33:57.3420539-07:00 ERROR SnapManagerWeb_435 PID=[16272] TID=[70] Failed to get the java path. Command result : bash: tmp/netapp/ Permission denied

2020-04-27T11:33:57.3420539-07:00 ERROR SnapManagerWeb_435 PID=[16272] TID=[53] ErrorCode (-1), ErrorMessage (Unable to check if the port 8145 is blocked by firewall on Either because the command to check firewall status failed or the '/tmp/netapp/' script is not included in the '/etc/sudoers' configuration file for non-root user.)

2020-04-27T11:33:57.4514394-07:00 ERROR SnapManagerWeb_435 PID=[16272] TID=[70] ErrorCode (-1), ErrorMessage (The required Java version is not found on Install 64-bit Java version 1.8 or higher.)


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