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How does the NDMP EXCLUDE variable work?

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Environment variables are used to communicate information about a backup or restore operation between an NDMP-enabled backup application and a storage system.

The EXCLUDE variable specifies files or directories that are excluded when backing up data.

The exclude list is an argument to the EXCLUDE variable.

It is a comma-separated list of file or directory names. If the name of a file or directory matches one of the names in the list, it is excluded from the backup.

The following rules apply while specifying names in the exclude list:

  • The exact name of the file or directory must be used.
  • Specifying a full path is disallowed.
  • The asterisk (*), a wildcard character, must be either the first or the last character of the string.
  • Each string can have up to two asterisks.
  • A comma in a file or directory name must be preceded with a backslash.
  • The exclude list can contain up to 32 names.

Note: Files or directories specified to be excluded for backup are not excluded if you set variable NON_QUOTA_TREE to Y simultaneously.


Additional Information

Additional information is available in the Ontap 9 documentation center under 'Environment variables supported by ONTAP'



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