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A snapshot locked by dump cannot be deleted

Applies to

ONTAP 8.1x 7-mode

ONTAP 8.2x 7-mode

ONTAP 8.3x and later

ONTAP 9x and later

NDMP backup


  • When the NDMP server calls dump to perform a backup, a “snapshot_for_backup” is created
  • snapshot_for_backup is a consistency snapshot that remains in place until the dump completes or aborts
  • snapshot_for_backup is locked by dump, and will remain locked until the dump completes or aborts
  • In normal operation, snapshot_for_backup is deleted after dump notifies NDMP that it has completed, or aborted
  • In rare circmustances, the NDMP server can no longer communicate with dump
  • When the NDMP server has lost connection with its associated dump session, attempts to delete snapshot_for_backup generate the error:

Error: Snapshot copy [snapshot name] of volume [vol name] on Vserver [vserver name] has not expired or is locked.

  • Output of vol snapshot show indicates "busy" true, and "owners" dump:

::> vol snapshot show -vserver [vserver name] -volume [vol name] -snapshot snapshot* -fields create-time,owners,busy
vserver    volume snapshot                 create-time              busy owners
---------- ------ ------------------------ ------------------------ ---- ------
********** ****** snapshot_for_backup.2087 Sat Oct 26 04:23:08 2019 true dump



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