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Physical link down on FCVI port

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Applies to

  • MetroCluster FC
  • FC-VI adapter


  • ONTAP is reporting following alert:
Cluster ::> system health alert show
Node: Node1
Resource: fcvi_device_3
Probable Cause: Physical link on port 5a is offline.
Possible Effect: DR protection of NVRAM mirror might be compromised.
  • Event log show the physical link going down:
[]: FC-VI adapter: Physical link is down on port 5a.
[fcvi.qlgc.receive.error:error]: FC-VI adapter: Received bad frame on port 5a. Mailbox-1 = 4105, Mailbox-2 = 69. Resetting the port.
[NodeA: Notice] ispfcvi2500_port2 fcvi update link state: link_state="down" port="0f"
[NodeA: Notice] ispfcvi2500_port2 fcvi link down: alertId="InterconnectAdapterOfflineAlert" alertingResource="5000000000000000" alertingResourceName="0f" possibleEffect="DR protection of NVRAM mirror might be compromised." probableCause="Cable_tamper" probableCauseDescription="Physical link on port 0f is offline." additionalInfo="None"
  • Sysconfig -a reports the FC-VI port as down:
    ::> system node run -node * -command sysconfig -a
    	slot 0: FCVI Host Adapter 0e (QLogic 8324(2672) rev. 2, unknown)
    		Physical link:       DOWN
    		FC Node Name:        50:00:00:00:00:00:00:00
    		Firmware rev:        8.01.141
    		Serial No:           (null)
    		Host Port Id:        0xffffffff
    		FC Packet size:      2048
    		SFP Vendor:          FINISAR CORP.
    		SFP Part Number:     FTLF8529P4BCVAN1
    		SFP Serial Number:   0000000
    		SFP Capabilities:    4, 8 or 16 Gbit
    		SFP Wavelength:      850nm
  • The switch port connected to the FC-VI port reports No_Light:
    Switch-A1:admin> switchshow
    switchName:	Switch-A1
    Index Port Address  Media Speed   State       Proto
       1   1   050100   id    16G	  No_Light    FC  (POD license not assigned or reserved yet)
  • Link status of the FC-VI adapter is down:
Cluster::> metrocluster interconnect adapter show -node node1 -adapter fcvi_device_1 -instance

Adapter Name: fcvi_device_1
Adapter Type: FC-VI
Link Status: Down


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