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MetroCluster Storage Virtual Machines stop after a cluster reboot or an unplanned power outage

Applies to

  • MetroCluster
  • ONTAP 9
  • all nodes in the cluster rebooted at the same time


After an unplanned power outage or reboot of all controllers in 1 cluster of a MetroCluster, all Storage Virtual Machines (SVM) are marked as stopped when the nodes are back online. No Switchover / Switchback was issued.

cluster1::> vserver show
                                  Admin    Operational Root
Vserver      Type    Subtype      State    State       Volume      Aggregate
-----------  ------- ----------   -------  ----------  ----------  ----------
cluster1     admin   -            -        -           -           -
cluster1-01  node    -            -        -           -           -    
cluster1-02  node    -            -        -           -           -
vserver1     data    sync-source  running  stopped     vser1_root  aggr1
vserver2     data    sync-source  running  stopped     vser2_root  aggr1
vserver3     data    sync-source  running  stopped     vser3_root  aggr2

Attempting to start the servers result in the following error:

cluster1::> vserver start -vserver vserver1

Error: command failed: Failed to start Vserver "vserver1" because the management configuration for this Vserver is locked. Starting a locked Vserver can cause data access issues. To start the Vserver specify "-force".




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