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HA Interconnect down during MetroCluster IP installation

Applies to

  • MetroCluster IP
  • ONTAP 9.5 and later
  • MetroCluster Installation
  • HA connectivity on MetroCluster IP


While configuring a MetroCluster IP, the HA interconnect does not come online after booting the nodes and configuring the cluster.

ClusterA::> cluster ha show
High Availability Configured: false

Warning: Cluster HA has not been configured.  Cluster HA must be configured
         on a two-node cluster to ensure data access availability in the
         event of storage failover. Use the "cluster ha modify -configured
         true" command to configure cluster HA.

ClusterA::> storage failover show
Node           Partner        Possible State Description
-------------- -------------- -------- -------------------------------------
ClusterA-01   -              false    Waiting for partner, Takeover is not
                                       possible: Storage failover is

ClusterA-02   -              false    Waiting for partner, Takeover is not
                                       possible: Storage failover is

2 entries were displayed.

During boot, the following messages might be seen:

mccip_install_dr_ips: bootarg.ic_local_ip not set, bailing
iw_cxgbe: Chelsio T4/T5/T6 RDMA driver loaded

[cluster_A-01:cf.fsm.takeoverOfPartnerDisabled:error]: Failover monitor: takeover of ClusterA-02 disabled (HA interconnect error. Verify that the partner node is running and that the HA interconnect cabling is correct, if applicable. For further assistance, contact technical support).


Interfaces will report as down:

ClusterA::> run local sysconfig -v 5
        slot 5: Dual 40/100G Ethernet T62100-CR
                e5a MAC Address:    00:07:43:3e:cf:50 (auto-unknown-fd-down)
                e5b MAC Address:    00:07:43:3e:cf:58 (auto-unknown-fd-down)
                Device Type:        T6 2
                Firmware Version:
                Part Number:        110122860A0
                Hardware Revision:  0
                Serial Number:      PT28170188



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