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ESXi hosts may lose connection to LUNs after MetroCluster switchover/switchback due to bug CSCve72490

Last Updated:

Applies to

  • ONTAP 9
  • Cisco MDS switches
  • NX-OS 6.2(19)/6.2(23)


When doing an MCC switchover or switchback, ESXi hosts may lose connection to (boot) LUNs, and need to be rebooted to recover access.

  • The LIF extended status post Switchover was seen as "FDISC error - ID could not be acquired for this virtual port".
  • event log show -messagename scsitarget.ispfct.configChanged
    • No such events could be seen.
  • Following errors could be seen on the Cisco Switch.
    • `show flogi internal event-history errors`

Event:E_DEBUG, length:115, at 289702 usecs after Tue Jun 19 15:56:40 2018
[102] NS config failed. Err 0x4025000d registration failed, interface fc1/2, vsan 100, pwwn


  • `show fcns internal errors`

Event:E_DEBUG, length:177, at 289527 usecs after Tue Jun 19 15:56:40 2018[825307441]  ns_reg_port_name(261): OTH: Trying to register duplicate port name for port-id 0xb20162 Existing entry's detail: pWWN , fWWN 

No Duplicate Port Id or FCID could be seen from FLOGI Database


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