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Command Mapping between Cisco switches and BES-53248

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Applies to

  • MetroCluster
  • Cisco
  • Broadcom BES-53248


Basic Switch commands:

  Cisco BES-53248
Enter Privileged Exec mode - enable
Enter Global Configuration mode configure configure
Disable pagination terminal length 0 terminal length 0
Show firmware version show version show version
Display switch hardware information show hardware show hardware
Display any RCF files saved to the switch dir bootflash: script list
Reboot the switch reload reload
Save the current configuration copy running-config startup-config write memory
Display switch banner show banner motd show bannercli
Show management interface show ip interface mgmt 0 show serviceport



  Cisco BES-53248
Display all interfaces show interface brief show port all
Display a vlan summary show vlan brief show vlan brief
Display vlan port summary show vlan all-ports show vlan port all
Display configuration for a specific port (example port 9) show running-config interface ethernet 1/9 show running-config interface 0/9
Disable / Enable a port Go to KB Go to KB
Display switch logs (in-memory) show logging log show logging buffered
Display switch logs (persistent) - show logging persistent
Display port stats show interface ethernet 1/9 show interface 0/9
Clear all port stats clear counters clear counters all
Display neighbor devices show cdp neighbors show isdp neighbors
Display difference between running and startup config show running-config diff  
Display transceiver power show interface transceiver details show fiber-ports optical-transceiver all
Display port channels show port-channel summary

show port-channel all

Display SFP information  show interface transceiver show fiber-ports optical-transceiver-info all 


Data Collection:

  Cisco BES-53248
Show current configuration show running-config show running-config
Show startup configuration show startup-config show startup-config
Collect support bundle show tech-support show tech-support
Collect verbose support bundle show tech-support details -


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