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Brocade: How to perform diagnostics on ISL E Ports

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Applies to

  • MetroCluster
  • ONTAP 9
  • Brocade


This article describes the procedure to perform diagnostics on ISL E Ports.
Use this procedure to configure a basic D_Port diagnostics session between two switches

These tests can be done if trunking is not being formed or to verify the length of the ISL.

Note: The distance is based on the roundtrip time of a frame and can differ from the physical distance due to WDM equipment or patch panels.

A physical length difference of +/- 20 meters for ISLs within the same fabric is supported in the MetroCluster environment.

The test performs:

  • Electrical loopback
  • Optical loopback
  • Measurement of the link distance
  • Link traffic test

D_Port diagnostics can be run on productive switches, though the ISLs on the fabric undergoing testing will not pass data traffic for the duration of the test. Ensure that the 2nd fabric is healthy before starting.



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