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Bridge Unexpected Reboot - AutoSupport message

Last Updated:

Applies to

  • ATTO 6500N FibreBridge
  • ATTO 7500N FibreBridge
  • ATTO 7600N FibreBridge
  • MetroCluster
  • ONTAP 9.3+
  • EMS message:

Tue Feb 26 14:34:54 UTC [node1: dsbridge_admin: callhome.bridge.reboot.unexp:alert]: Call home for Bridge Unexpected Reboot: FB7500N10xxxx

Event Summary

Starting ONTAP 9.3 an AutoSupport message "Bridge Unexpected Reboot" is sent whenever an ATTO FibreBridge reboots unexpectedly.

Unexpected reboots are all reboots other than:

  • planned reboot (firmware restart) 
  • configuration change that requires a reboot
  • firmware upgrade
  • power on


  1. Check if all bridges are currently online and healthy:

storage bridge show

ClusterA::> stor bridge show
  (storage bridge show)
                                       Is        Monitor Managed                                               Is Bridge
Bridge                  Symbolic Name Monitored Status  By      Vendor Model                 Bridge WWN        Secure
----------------------  ------------- --------- ------- ------- ------ --------------------- ----------------  ---------
ATTO_2000001086611bcc    atto1a       true      ok      -       Atto   FibreBridge 7500N     2000001086611bcc  true
ATTO_200000108661261e    atto1b       true      ok      -       Atto   FibreBridge 7500N     200000108661261e  true
ATTO_200000108661360a    atto2a       true      ok      -       Atto   FibreBridge 7500N     200000108661360a  true
ATTO_2000001086614628    atto2b       true      ok      -       Atto   FibreBridge 7500N     2000001086614628  true


  1. Check the event logs for information on the bridge that rebooted:

event log show -severity INFORMATIONAL,DEBUG -event *bridge.*

ClusterA::> event log show -severity INFORMATIONAL,DEBUG -event *bridge.*
Time                Node          Severity      Event
------------------- ------------- ----------- ---------------------------
4/29/2022 13:48:29  ClusterA-01  DEBUG            bridge.rebooted: FC-to-SAS bridge b6510-4_siteB:8.126L0 [ATTO FibreBridge7500N 3.17] S/N [FB7500N101234] was rebooted.
4/29/2022 13:48:24  ClusterA-01  INFORMATIONAL bridge.discovered: FC-to-SAS bridge b6510-4_siteB:8.126L0 [ATTO FibreBridge7500N 3.17] S/N [FB7500N101234] was discovered.
4/29/2022 13:47:39  ClusterA-01  INFORMATIONAL bridge.removed: FC-to-SAS bridge b6510-3_siteB:8.126L0 [ATTO FibreBridge7500N 3.17] S/N [FB7500N101234] was removed.


  • Verify if a support case is already open.
  • Usually no additional data is needed to root cause the issue (unless minimal AutoSupport messages are used).
  • A bridge core file might need to be uploaded on request of NetApp support.

Please contact NetApp Technical Support and reference this article for further assistance.

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