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BES switches are not visible via CDP on one or more MetroCluster IP nodes

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Applies to

  • MetroCluster IP
  • Broadcom BES 53248
  • Health Monitoring (HM)


  • In a MetroCluster IP configuration using BES-53248 switches the following HM alert may come up even if all connections to the Switch are online and cluster peer ping reports that all peers are reachable:

Cluster-A::*> system health alert show
               Node: Node-A2
           Resource: Node-A2
           Severity: Major
    Indication Time: Mon May 10 17:59:20 2021
           Suppress: false
        Acknowledge: false
     Probable Cause: One or more nodes are not connected to both cluster switches.
    Possible Effect: If one cluster switch fails, "Node-A2" might lose
                     access to the cluster.
 Corrective Actions: Verify that the switch "Node-A1" is connected
                     to the node "Node-A2". 

  • Nodes doesn't get CDP/ISDP information on cluster ports, connected to BES switch 53248:

  • Command system health alert shows error
Cluster2::> system health alert show -fields probable-cause-description
node       monitor         alert-id                       alerting-resource probable-cause-description
---------- --------------- ------------------------------ ----------------- -------------------------------
Cluster2A  ethernet-switch ClusterSwitchConnectivity_Alert
Cluster2B                                     One or more nodes are not connected to both cluster switches.
  • Devices only visible from node A, Node B not listed:
Cluster2::> network device-discovery show -node * -protocol cdp -fields port,platform
node      protocol port discovered-device interface platform
--------  -------- ---- ----------------- --------- ---------
Cluster2A cdp      e0a  Switch01DC2       0/9       BES-53248
Cluster2A cdp      e0b  Switch02DC2       0/9       BES-53248

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