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How do disk firmware updates run on AltaVault

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Applies to

  • AltaVault 400
  • AltaVault 800


This knowledge article applies to AltaVault 400 and AltaVault 800 systems only. The AltaVault disk firmware is bundled with the OS image and other binaries.  This process describes to a user how the process works and how to monitor the progress.

As an example:
In AltaVault releases starting March 1st 2017, a firmware NA01 will be applied to the 4TB drive in AltaVault 400 and 6TB drive in AltaVault 800 when the system boots new releases.

  • Disks with firmware NA00 inserted into the physical appliance (AVA10S shelf) with the OS image running NA01 will not be upgraded until the system reboots.
  • When a disk with firmware NA01 is inserted into an AltaVault appliance that has NA00 in the system OS image, the disk inserted will remain at  firmware NA01.
  • Backup jobs to the AltaVault appliance should be stopped during the upgrade.
  • The disk firmware upgrade takes approximately 1 to 2 minutes per physical disk drive and operates in a sequential (non-concurrent) manner.
  • During the firmware upgrade, the services (SSH,NFS,SMB,OST and cloud replication) on the AltaVault will not be available or running.

Before continuing the user should determine whether they want to monitor the firmware upgrade process.
If a user wants to monitor the disk firmware upgrade process they should validate if they have configured their service processor.
The AltaVault Installation Guide for Physical Appliance for each release documents the steps to configure and connect to the service processor .