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Why System Manager doesn't display all of my Storage Virtual Machines in the Storage Virtual Machines window?


Applies to


System Manager


  • The Storage Virtual Machine (SVM) window within the System Manager web interface is configured to only display data-type SVMs.

SVMs not listed in System Manager:

  • Admin
  • Node
  • System SVM types will not be listed.

NOTE: If there are Snapshot Policies present on Admin, Node or System SVM types, those snapshot policies will not be visible via System Manager.

A description of these SVM categories can be found in the Types of SVMs article within the ONTAP 9 Documentation Center

Additional Information

Within that same Types of SVMs article, it also mentions how System Manager only associates the term 'SVM' with those that serve data

This would explain why non data-serving SVM types wouldn't be listed in the System Manager SVM window