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Why HPE 3PAR free chunklet storage pools display values for total capacity in OnCommand Insight

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Applies to

  • OnCommand Insight (OCI) 7.3.9 SP7
  • HPE 3PAR datasource


When running a query for the total capacity of storage pools with free chunklets, the "Capacity - Total (GB)" attribute may display zero and non-zero values as shown below.


The query results are based on the "showspace" output for each array. In the above example, OCI has identified that the first two arrays utilize RAID 6 since the non-admin volumes reside on a RAID 6 Common Provisioning Group (CPG). Therefore, OnCommand Insight (OCI) will query for the available space against such pools by running the following command:

showspace -t r6 -p -devtype SSD

If the response comes back with 0 GB of available free space, then the total capacity will also be listed as zero in OCI. 


In contrast, the last two storage pools utilize RAID 10 and happen to be new setups. If the array only has administrative volumes, OCI will regard the free chunklet pools as RAID 10 since admin.usr  and logging RAID groups are most likely on RAID 10. The only CPG on the array has not had any capacity used up yet.


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